My Projects

In this page you can read about some projects I developed in the past years, ranging from corporate software from my company VBB Software to independent apps and games.

Some links will redirect to websites in Portuguese (Brazil).


Consultório Live by VBB Software

Web-based application with electronic health record (EHR), scheduling, financial control and other features developed to make it easier to manage multi-disciplinary medical offices and clinics. Includes mobile app.

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Full-Stack Development

My interest lays in all layers of the development of a product, by understanding what the customer and the business need and taking care of databases, servers, systems engineering, UI and UX. My projects includes desktop, web and mobile applications.


These are systems I developed for my company, including both desktop and web-based applications.
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Read about some mobile apps I've developed or contributed to the development.
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Some stuff I've developed just for fun and/or learning, including mobile games.
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